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Give Yourself some TLC this Valentine's Day!

Use these self-care tips from Foot-Joy to experience total body relaxation and rejuvenation!Self-care is vitally important for your physical and emotional health, plus it's cost-effective! Below are 3 easy techniques that you can use in between reflexology sessions:

#1 Relaxation Techniques for Your Feet
Try doing these exercises three times per day, and work each foot separately. None of these moments should be painful; they should feel like a gentle stretch. 

  • Plantar flex (toes go down) and dorsi flex (toes go up). 3x alternating each way each foot
  • Evert (sole of the foot turns outward) and invert (sole of the foot turns inward). 3x alternating each way each foot.
  • Rotate your foot clockwise, then counterclockwise.  3x each way each foot.
  • An alternative fun option is to write the letters of the alphabet with each foot

#2 Myofascial Release for Your Feet
 You'll need a tennis ball or lacrosse ball (can be done barefoot or in socks)

  • Prior to doing this release technique, gently bend over and check flexibility; note where your fingertips touch (shins? tops of feet? toes? the floor?)
  • Find a wall that you can stand about 6 inches from.
  • Place your hands on the wall for support but do not lean on the wall; stay straight up and down as much as possible
  • Put the ball in the arch of the Left foot and shift all of your weight onto the ball
  • Begin by smoothly and slowly rolling up and down, side to side, and all around from the heel up through the ball of the feet; seek out the most sore spots
  • After a minute of this, go back to a sore spot and sink into it; wrap your toes and heel down to the floor; press and grind deeply into the spot with short up and down, side to side and round motions
  • After 15 seconds or so, move to another sensitive spot and repeat. Repeat a couple of more times, moving to different sensitive spots. 
  • For the last 15 seconds or so on the Left foot, quickly and smoothly and forcefully roll up and down, side to side and all around
  • Walk slowly away from the wall a few feet and then back
  • Repeat all steps on Right foot. (It does not matter which foot you start with, so change it up every time.)
  • After you have completed rolling both feet, gently bend over again without effort and take notice of any increased reach and flexibility from just this few minutes of release work!

#3 Foam Roll Your Calf Muscles (See video demonstration below)
You'll need a foam roller

  • Put the roller under a calf. Rest your other foot on the floor. Roll from the ankle to below the knee for about 10 seconds but focusing primarily on the thickest area.
  • Rotate the leg in for 10 seconds, then out for 10 seconds.
  • Search for knots and sensitive spots and focus on these areas for additional time.
  • Stack ankles to add pressure.
  • Switch to other leg.
  • P.S. You can also have someone stick-roll your calves for you with a runner's stick!

For ultimate relaxation and release of stress and toxins, try a Reflexology Sssion. To schedule an appointment, please call Karen at 404-316-3012 or email karenlovesfeet@gmail.com. 


Our latest video "Rolling Your Calves" shows you techniques for using a variety of foam rollers and The Stick to loosen up tight calves. 


Have questions, comments, or suggestions for our YouTube Channel? Please let us know. Email karenlovesfeet@gmail.com. 

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