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Reflexology & Kids

Who's harder on their feet than a kid? Running, jumping, climbing, swimming, biking ... an active kid is a healthy kid, but also a child with roughed up feet! Good foot health is critical at any age, but maybe most important during the foot forming years. 


Hand and Foot Care This Summer

Are you taking good care of your feet and hands this summer? This is an extremely active and outdoorsy season for us New Englanders. And thus it can also be the toughest one our hard working feet and hands. Here are 3 tips for summer long foot and hand health:


The Connection Between Your Feet & Your Back

A few weeks ago, my husband complained about his aching feet. While I’d love to say I eliminated his foot pain with Reflexology, the truth is that we are both so busy that we could not immediately find time for him to have a session. In the meanwhile, he continued to spend 12-hour days on his feet at work, get less than optimal sleep, wear shoes with little support, not do any self-care, and aggressively work out. Can you guess what happened next? Within a week of his foot issues, his back went out.


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Foot Joy Reflexology gift cards are available for purchase online - a perfect way to share the joy of refelexology!


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