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"Take risks for joy. Sometimes just saying yes can set your whole life in motion."

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The Joy of Hand Reflexology!

Your hands are constantly in motion. From the minute you wake up to the very moment you fall asleep, they are your biggest helpers –picking out and putting on clothes; brushing your teeth, bathing and shaving; cooking, setting the table and eating; cleaning up and organizing; driving; playing sports or an instrument; using your cell phone or computer; doing your work; shaking hands, brushing your pet, and holding your loved ones; the list goes on and on.


Reflexology 101

Happy New Year! It’s a perfect time of year for a review of Reflexology and its benefits. There is also new scientific research accumulating that demonstrates Reflexology can support many of your health concerns.


Let Reflexology Warm You Up This Winter!

The cold temperatures can be very uncomfortable for a lot of people, but particularly for those who suffer from poor circulation and/or a condition called Raynaud's disease.


Give Some Joy!



Foot Joy Reflexology gift cards are available for purchase online - a perfect way to share the joy of refelexology!


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