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Charley Horse is the Worst!

Reflexology Relief for the Dreaded Charley Horse! One of the worst ways to have your sound sleep interrupted is being jolted awake by the excruciating pain of the muscles in your feet or legs locking up and cramping. We commonly refer to this agony as getting a "Charley Horse" and it's caused by muscle spasms, involuntary contractions of one or more muscles.


Are Your Flat or Cavus Feet A Pain? Reflexology Can Help!

While having either flat feet (very low arches) or cavus feet (higher than average arches) are opposite conditions, they both can lead to many of the same issues, including foot pain from standing for long periods of time, feet that tire easily, and arch pain. In addition to wearing high quality, comfortable fitting shoes and consulting with your physician, what else can you do?


Get In Vacation Mode With Reflexology

Summer is a very popular time to take a vacation. However, sometimes vacation can actually add more stress rather than alleviate it. Plus, doesn't it seem like it takes a few days before you are really ready to relax? And then, poof, vacation is over! Before you leave town, or even prior to packing, get your mind and body in a "state of vacation" with a reflexology session. Then, you can truly enjoy your time off from the very first moment.


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Foot Joy Reflexology gift cards are available for purchase online - a perfect way to share the joy of refelexology!


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