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The Joy of Reflexology

discover the joy of reflexology


Your entire body is relaxed, even your conscious mind. It feels like you are in a semi-dream state, aware yet relaxed. Above all, your overused feet no longer feel tired, tight, or in pain. Instead, they feel refreshed, rejuvenated, flexible, and uber-relaxed. In fact, they feel DELICIOUS!

And, now that your feet feel super, it’s amazing how much better you feel too! You have the sensation that this is no short-term fix for your stress; this type of deep relaxation feels like long-term and sustained relief! 

What possibly could promote this overall positive sense of well-being and stress relief?  It’s the Joy of Reflexology!

If you’ve never had Reflexology before, your first session may not elicit quite this deep level of relaxation. But, it’s quite normal that during the treatment you might not be able to keep your eyes open, that you might drift off to sleep, that you may feel very relaxed, and that you may want to schedule your next appointment immediately!

Repeat sessions seem to create a pattern within the body that recognizes Reflexology as a tension reliever. Also, regular Reflexology work not only interrupts stress, but may condition the mind and body to have an improved response to it between sessions!


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